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Postage costs are generated by a guesstimation of how much we think Australia Post are likely to charge. At this point, sometimes we're wrong and if we are out, pop us an email and we'll sort it out. We're not trying to scoundrel you out of any extra money! We love zines & DIY as much as you do - it's just unfortunate that postage is a necessary evil in some circumstances.


Bird in the Hand is a zine distro that begun in approx the 3rd quarter of 2008. We're having so much fun reading plenty of new zines and we bring our favourites to you via this distro. We traipse on down to zine fairs in Sydney, Newcastle, Melbourne and other Australian cities to sell our wares but in the downtime (and when our lives get too hectic) we are here online. If you have any questions at all then email [email protected] Maybe you want to organise pick up to save postage costs? Maybe you have a little special request? Maybe you'd like us to stock your goodies? Maybe you just want to say hello? That's what the email address is there for.


There is a page specifically organised for this sort of enquiry. Head on over to Zines.Wordpress.Com and you'll find all the information you require.